Why I love Tri Nature


I was recently asked what I love about Tri Nature and I couldn’t reply with only one answer! There are so many reasons why I love Tri Nature, but the first few that sprang to mind when I was asked the question are that it works and it smells nice! I think that these two were my first thoughts because of my initial thinking when I started using Tri Nature – I didn’t like breathing in the fumes of the supermarket brands and I didn’t like the smells, and I was a bit sceptical that the cleaning products would work to clean my shower if they didn’t have bleach in them!!

So then I started thinking about all the other reasons why I love Tri Nature, and just in case you didn’t know why, here are my reasons!

They work! As I mentioned above, I was sceptical that the products would actually work on some of the hardest to clean areas in my home, like the shower, if they didn’t contain any harsh chemicals, like bleach. I used to use beach-based cleaners thinking that they were the toughest things to clean mould and mildew, but I coughed and spluttered every time I used them, not to mention nearly always managing to bleach spots on my clothes or towels in the process! [yup, I hear you all going ‘oh my gosh I’ve done that’. Don’t worry, most of us have and I know that I feel your pain! I still have a bleach marked bath mat to remind me of what I once used to clean with!!] I was amazed when I first used the Supre Multipurpose Cleaner in my shower. I sprayed it on, left it for 20 minutes, and then cleaned it with a non-scratch scouring pad and I could actually feel the soap scum coming off! I think that I was pretty much converted from that point!

They smell delicious! In the beginning I would smell on the products as I was using them and reminded of the different things that the scents reminded me of. The Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant reminds me of musk sticks. It takes me back to my childhood when there was a milkbar up the road from our house which sold a white paper bag of lollies for 50c! I’m reminded of the lolly watches that you could eat from around your wrist, and the box of Fags which are now named Fads.

They are safe for the whole family. I have two divine, cheeky and inquisitive little boys. The eldest is now 3 and the youngest is 1 and he is yet to really get moving, but when he does I know that he will be safe from ingesting any caustic, toxic, harmful and potentially fatal products in our house because we don’t have any! It was certainly peace of mind when Henry was younger and getting into the cupboards, especially when he worked out how he could just yank the drawers and after a while the child locks would break!! According to the ACCC Poisions Information Centre (see table below from the SMH, the calls received are commonly due to things found around the home, with the most common being cleaners, especially oven and bbq cleaners. All of Tri Nature’s products, if consumed, are harmless, even the Blitz Oven & BBQ Cleaner – you should still do your best to keep them out of easy reach, but the worst that can happen is that your child will have a yukky taste in their mouth and maybe a queasy tummy. It’s much better than the alternative – a trip to the emergency department and an anxious wait!


They are excellent for the environment. I definitely think more about the environment now than I ever did 10 years ago! I’m not sure what’s made me more conscious about my carbon footprint, but perhaps its a mix of maturity and becoming a parent. Either way I am mindful of the choices I make and how they can impact more than just me and my immediate world. Tri Nature began because two men were worried about the waterways in their area dying from the blue green algae build up caused by the harsh chemicals in household cleaning products going down our household drains and eventually ending up in these waterways. I am pleased that by changing over to Tri Nature I am helping to contribute to cleaner water ways that may one day be free from blue green algae – such a simple contribution to make when you think about it!

I am saving money! This has got to be a big bonus in any household! Because the products are concentrated, you only need to use a small amount to do the job. Therefore, the products last longer and over time save you money.

100% Australian Owned. It’s always good to know that when you are buying Tri Nature products, you are supporting a 100% Australian Owned and operated business. The products are all made and manufactured in Australia as well…bonus!

No Animal Testing! You may have heard that from 2017, any cosmetics tested on animals, or cosmetics that contain ingredients tested on animals, will be banned in Australia. This is really good news. You will be very pleased to know that Tri Nature does not test on animals!!

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