When technology fails you

This past weekend has been a nightmare on the technology front. I was trying to take some inventory shortcuts, and put it this way, it failed terribly!! So much so, I have had to basically rebuild the online shop!!! I have so many other areas of my business that I’d like to work on, and rebuilding the shop was not one of them. In the process of rebuilding, I have, however, learnt some very valuable lessons:


  • Make sure that you have PROPER back ups! I was backing up, or so I thought, but when I came to restore them they didn’t work! Pointless in the end really. I now have a professional back up option and it’s happening daily, in 2 locations so I should be right!
  • When tinkering with your website, make sure that you’re not doing it in the LIVE site! I have now learn how to make things called ‘subdomains’ and I have a test site set up!
  • Sometimes doing things the ‘cheap’ way isn’t necessarily the cheaper option in the long run. It’s going to take me another week of evenings to get my online shop completely sorted, with matching images and correct price set ups, and had I just paid for the proper back up in the first place, rather than doing it the free and hack way, then I would be saving myself that time and using it to progress other areas of my business.


So, on that note, please bare with me as I restore the online shop back to it’s full and correct functionality! If you see anything that’s not quite right or products missing, please do let me know. In the haze of updating it all again, it’s possible that I will miss things!

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