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I often get asked what products I use to clean the shower, which is quickly followed with a comment about how it’s one of their least favourite jobs – mine too, which is why I love the Tri Nature products that I use because they work, and I’ve got a neat way to minimise the amount of times you actually have to clean it!!! So here’s my response:

I use 4 products to clean my bathroom and toilet – it sounds like a lot but really it’s not too bad! I also have a non-scratch scourer and 2 cloths (I use microfibre but that’s mainly because it’s what I have in my house! Just a note here, it’s perfectly safe to use other branded cloths like Enjo with the Tri Nature products – they won’t cause a build up at all, and our laundry products are excellent for them, as some Enjoy reps will recommend. This can be good to keep in mind if you like to have a fresh, clean smell after you have done a clean).

  1. Using the Excel Bathroom Cleaner like a toilet duck, I swish it around the rim of the toilet bowl and then leave it whilst I tackle the rest of the bathroom.

2. I spray my shower with Supre (I like the Eucalyptus personally, whilst others love the Grapefruit & Palmarosa) and leave it for 5-20 mins to soften any soap scum that is lingering on the walls and door.

3. Whilst the shower is cooking, I spray the vanity with Supre and wipe it over with a cloth.

4. I then spray the mirror with the Hyaline Glass Cleaner and wipe over with a cloth – I find that the glass cloths are really good. The toothpaste splatters, greasy finger marks and dust come off really easily with the Hyaline.

5. What about the bath?! Well if you have kids and you use a supermarket or soap based bubble bath or body wash, you may notice that you get a rim around the bath?! It’s frustrating to clean off if left there for too long, so I suggest following a similar routine with the shower on your bath. Alternatively, switch to a non-soap based bath product, like the Kids Bubble Bath or Body Wash or Baby Bath, and you will hardly ever have to clean the bath down, unless there’s a build up of dirt or sand from your little one’s outside adventures!

6. Going back to the shower, I wipe down the walls with the non-scratch scourer, which I find is easier to budge the residue from the soaps rather than just a normal cloth – ideally you’d be using all Tri Nature products which are soap free, therefore no scum to deal with! But, if you have a few members of your household still particularly fond of soap based products then the scourer makes life much easier!

7. After cleaning the shower, I rinse it off with water (and let’s face it, cleaning whilst actually taking a shower is a way more efficient use of time, so feel free to do this when in the shower!) and then spray over with the Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant. I do this step once the water is off, as I let it sit there until the next time someone has a shower. This is a great way to keep the mould spores away, and most days, after my shower, I spray the sphagnum moss to stretch out the time between a full clean – and that folks is my special tip, and it honestly works a treat!!

8. I better not forget the toilet – heading back in there, I give it a flush and clean around the bowl with the toilet brush. I then spray over with Sphagnum Moss and wipe down with the same cloth that I used on the vanity in the bathroom. Voila, cleaning done! Unless you have multiple bathrooms, in which case you repeat the process!

One of the great things about the Tri Nature range is that you can use the products for multiple purposes. There are other consultants who might suggest variations on this routine, for example using the Ultra Cream Cleanser or Excel in the shower…it comes down to personal preference really and how you prefer to clean! If you’d like an alternative approach, get in touch and I can fill you in on the other suggestions consultants make.



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