The noise of parenting

When it comes to motherhood there is so much advice out there it can get exhausting! The noise of social media, blog posts, ‘expert’ advice and parenting ideals can become so deafening, and rather than helping parents to make informed decisions you become totally paralysed with the fear of never doing anything right. I have been there, many times, in my motherhood journey of three and a half years. Even before my first was born, I was already surrounded by the parenthood noise. I was researching the best prams, looking for the safest cots, reading all of the ‘expert’ parenting advice and dos and don’ts. It’s taken me a while to realise it, but in the end, as long as my children are loved, clothed, fed, supported and have a roof over their heads, I am totally winning! Anything more is a bonus! I am like any other parent and have my days of feeling like an absolute witch who just yelled more than they care to admit, my children behave like they are possessed and I am left wondering where all the wine went at the end of the day because I have just drunk it in an absolute delirious blur. Then other days, I feel like I am in complete control, high-fiving myself at the calmness with which I have handled situations, the laughter I have shared with the kids and the absolutely besotted moments of cuddles on the couch – just like any other parent!

When it comes to the Tri Nature products, I’m not going to preach that you just absolutely have to buy them or else you are not making the right choices for your family – because that’s rubbish, we all make the right choices based on our families needs –  so instead I’ll just give you the facts! I have shared before how I came across the products and it wasn’t because I was worried about what was in the supermarket products I was using! My eldest had terrible eczema on his legs that was cracking and bleeding. The cortisone cream was helping but it was still hanging around. I then saw a sign at a baby show about eczema and thought that I’d find out more, simply because I wanted Henry to get better! The fact that the products actually work is the main reason why I love them so much! Secondly, they smell great which is always nice when you are spraying them around your head and breathing in the awful smells of some other products. Thirdly, because they are non-toxic, when you’re breathing them in (because you are spraying them around your face) you are not harming yourself or others around you. Bonus!

Here are 20 reasons why you might like to give Tri Nature a try…

Parenting is difficult and we don’t need to have our heads exploding with all of the information out there about every single product available on the market. Tri Nature products work, smell good, are not harmful to you or those around you (especially if someone decides to see how great they taste) and they come in nice-looking (recyclable by the way) packaging. If you have any questions I am always happy to help you out – just email info(at)acupofnature(dot)com.

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