The July Specials Highlights

Each month Tri Nature release a range of specials which can either be as individual items or in packs. These are always a great option to save some money and stock up on your household and personal care items. I will go through a few of the highlights for July in this post.


Hair Care

Tri Nature have recently adapted the scents in some of the hair care products, as well as undergone some name changes to keep in line with conventional hair care products. All of the products in the range are made with naturally derived ingredients that revitalise and nourish the hair, leaving it with a luminous shine. They are perfect for people with a sensitive scalp, particularly those who suffer from psoriasis. The Daily Care and 2in1 are suitable for normal hair, the Colour Protect is for colour treated hair, and the Moisture Rich is for those with dray or damaged hair. Whilst the range contains naturally derived sulphates which are gentle on the scalp but give an excellent clean of the hair, the Colour Protect doesn’t contain any sulphates at all, which is why it is particularly good for colour treated hair. It does also mean that it’s an excellent choice for severe cases of psoriasis. 

This month you will find the Hair Care at 20% off, making it a great time to stock up for your family!


Winter Woolies Duo

The Alpha Plus Gentle Laundry Wash is a light herbal essential oil based fragrance freshens your laundry whilst being gentle on delicate skins and noses. It’s suitable for all types of fabrics and can be used in both front and top loading machines. This concentrated formula delivers exceptional economy and reduces landfill potential. At the recommended usage of 30ml per wash for a front loader, you can get up to 66 washes out of the 2lt bottle. That said, given that it’s concentrated, I recommend to use half the amount in a front loader, therefore giving you over 100 washes! It pairs so well with the Angelica Fabric Softener – Original, this is a great duo for every laundry. 

The Angelica Fabric Softener is a naturally-derived fabric conditioning concentrate that effectively softens, conditions, and deodorises fabrics. A technologically superior anti-static system ensures the fabric maintains its absorbency. It’s gentle enough for use on woollens and delicates and performs without irritation to skin or detrimental effect to fabrics. It restores the fabric’s absorbent quality, making it an unbeatable choice for towels and cloth nappies. 

Trial Packs

There are a number of Trial Packs on offer in the specials this month for the laundry, kitchen and bathroom. If you haven’t tried the products before, or you’d just like to stock up on the products you have, these are great value for money with over 25% off. These packs make a great gift for someone who has recently moved into a new home, and the Laundry Trial Packs are great for expectant or new mothers who are looking for a safe and gentle option for their little one.

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