Products to take camping or caravanning

Top 3 products to take on your next camping trip

We went camping over the Easter weekend with family and friends. Just before COVID really hit us in March 2020, we bought our first camper trailer. We were able to test it out in early March and then it sat in our yard for 6 months until restrictions for Regional Vic were lifted and we were actually able to use it! Since then, we have been away a handful of times, and each time we go I realise what’s missing from the kit. We’ll have it just how we want it soon enough I’m sure.

When you go away camping or caravanning, you don’t want to have more products than you actually need, so I have prepared a list of the items I have in our camping kit.

1. Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid

This is one of the most versatile products in the Tri Nature range. If you only wanted to take one product with you, this is the one! You can take it with you in the 500ml container, but I actually take just a small 50ml travel size pump with me. That’s all that I’ve needed for the 5 camping trips we’ve had and I could do another long weekend trip with what I have left in the bottle. Taking a larger size with you will mean that you have more to use as a hand wash and body wash as well. You could also washing your clothing with it if you wanted to! It really is such a versatile product.

2. Hand Sanitiser

This one is a bit of a no brainer really! It’s such a handy product and comes in a range of sizes. I have a 120ml bottle inside the camper and a 250ml bottle by the sink in the camper trailer kitchen area. It now comes in a handy spray option, so I included one in our last camping trip too. With children on the camping trip, it really does come in very handy!!

3. Alpha Plus Gentle Laundry Wash

A dedicated laundry powder or liquid isn’t necessary if you are only doing a small camping trip, however if you are away for longer and want a no fuss laundry product, this is a great one. It can be used in place of regular laundry liquid, but at the same time is great if you are hand washing garments because it doesn’t need to be rinsed from your clothes.

So there you go! My top 3 products to take on your next camping or caravanning trip!

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