PRO CARE Carpet Cleaner


A natural, surfactant based concentrate designed for professional yet gentle maintenance of all carpet and fabric upholstery.
Unlike ordinary carpet cleaning concentrates, Procare has a lower pH meaning it is a safer choice for carpet and occupational use. Gently teases all soils from deep in the carpet pile to the surface, and efficiently disperses them so they can be completely removed by wet vacuum. Essential oils leave a wonderful freshness throughout all treated areas.

For use with wet vacuum, or as a spot treatment

Note: Always test carpet for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area prior to treatment

Once or twice a year, I spend a night shampooing my carpet with the ProCare carpet cleaner. I’m lucky enough to have been lent a manual carpet cleaner from my mum (some 2 years ago and I still have it!!) but you can also use it in the machines you can loan from Woolies (other supermarkets might have them but I know my local Woolworths does). I’ve had a few customers purchase the ProCare for that very reason and they have been really happy with the results. It smells so nice, way better than the strong commercial smells from other products. You can also dilute into a spray bottle for spot cleaning, and can be used on fabric couches.

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