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The Optimate Floor Cleaner is such an amazing product…Often when I am using it, I end up thinking about all of the reasons why I think that this product is great! Firstly, you only need a very small amount to do the job – too much and you may have sticky or slippery floors (so you do need to experiment a bit the first few times you use it to make sure you get the right amount for you). 10ml per litre of water you use is all that you need – that’s 2 teaspoons per litre, and you may even find that 5ml is all that you need. It has a really lovely subtle scent that isn’t at all over powering, but leaves a nice ‘clean’ smell. I dilute the Optimate into a 500ml spray bottle with water, and before mopping I spray any spots on the floor that might be a bit challenging (like food splatters). I let it soak in whilst preparing the mop and bucket, and by the time I get to the spot it comes off without any trouble. I have it handy whilst mopping just in case I might have missed any spots. It’s also good to use if you just need to clean a small area – spray where you need it, wet the mop and just mop over, without any need for the whole bucket.

The Optimate is excellent for cleaning tile grout – spray the grout, give it a rub with a toothbrush or grout brush, then wipe over with a cloth. You will be amazed at how easy it is, and over the course of a few hours the grout will look even better!

You can also use the Optimate to clean down outdoor furniture that’s in need of a spruce up!

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1L, 5L with 30ml Pump, 5L, 20L with 30ml Pump, 20L


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