MAXIM Descaler


An excellent maintenance product for your dishwashing and laundry machine, kettle, and
coffee machine.
•     A versatile powerhouse with sugar derived acids that remove water scale and prevent
build up are clogging from hard water salts..
•     Removes hard water scale, stains, and other contaminations quickly.
•     Leaves stainless steel bright and clean without the need for aggressive cleaning.
•     Cleans hard to reach areas to retain peak performance.


For use in household and commercial laundry, dishwashing, and coffee machines.
Also suitable for descaling kettles.

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This is such a versatile product and I use it every month to clean appliances around the home.

Removes unsightly hard water scale and contaminations quickly and easily without leaving a toxic residue common of ordinary descalers.

Leaves stainless steel bright & clean without aggressive cleaning. An excellent maintenance product for your machine to prevent clogging or build up from calcium in the water or from fillers/extenders in supermarket detergents.

I recommend this for use in your washing machine or dishwasher prior to using Tri Nature products.  It will help to loosen and remove any build up of fillers or extenders around the drum of your machine and prevent them from coming out on the clothing.

It also flushes out your machine and helps to remove any calcium and limescale from the water.

You can use it in your washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, coffee machine, urn and even to clear the build up in the bottom of your toilet. I have even used it to clear the spa jets in the bath.

Maxim does a far superior job to vinegar and will not corrode any plastic or rubber parts the way vinegar does.

To use, simply put 50-100ml on the floor of your machine and run an empty hot, hot wash.  If possible, in your dishwasher, wait until the rinse cycle is about to begin before adding the Maxim, for best results.

We have heard stories before of people who have used it to clean their kettle – they’ve gone out with the descaled working it’s magic in the kettle (sometimes because they’d forgotten all about it), and while out someone else in the family has come home and reboiled the water and made themselves a cuppa with it! Eek, if it was any other descaler, but because it’s Tri Nature, all it did was change the taste of the tea, no harm done!!

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