Kyphi Precious Facial Oil


Replenish and revitalise delicate skin with this nourishing botanical oil.

An exclusive blend of exotic oils, including Rosehip, Jojoba, Olive Squalane and Camellia, deeply moisturise and revive dry, normal and mature skin.

Boosted with Marula and Prickly Pear Seed Oils, rich in natural antioxidants and omega fatty acids, this precious blend improves moisture retention, skin texture and elasticity.


Size: 30ml

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The Precious Facial Oil doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily at all, and a little does go a long way! I have a bronzer, that if I used over consecutive days, I’d end up breaking out in eczema. Since using the Precious Facial Oil, I can use the bronzer for a week and not have any problems with eczema at all! I use it after my morning shower, and in the evening before going to bed after washing my face.


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