HYALINE Glass & Window Cleaner


This glass cleaner takes all of the hard work out of cleaning your glass, inside and out.

Hyaline creates a crystal clear sparkle that inhibits misting and fogging, reduces finger marking and re-soiling, removes residues, gums, dust and road grime with ease and leaves treated surfaces with a unique polished effect.

It is safe to use on tinted windows and excellent for vehicle windscreen reservoirs.

The 500ml bottle is the express, pre-mixed, ready to use version. This was created for people who wish to try the product before they invest in the concentrate.  The express bottle is not made for re-use.

The concentrate comes in 1L, 5L and 20L sizes and is far more economical to purchase and use. You will also need a commercial grade poly spray bottle for the concentrate.

The 20L comes as 4 * 5L bottles. This is for OHS reasons, so no one has to lift a 20kg container. This also allows commercial users to have the product available in several buildings or across several facilities if required.

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500ml, 1L, 5L with 30ml Pump, 5L, 20L with 30ml Pump, 20L


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