A premium quality hand sanitiser designed to kill germs accumulated from daily tasks.  Enriched with Vitamin E, this formula dries quickly whilst restoring moisture and softness to your hands.


  • Leave one at home and keep one in your handbag or car to use anytime to remove the germs from your hands while moisturising them with Vitamin E.
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The Hand Sanitiser is one of my favourite products and it goes nearly everywhere with me…why?! Because other hand sanitisers dry my skin out and I end up with cracked, bleeding hands that hurt, a lot! I also find that commercial hand washes when out and about do the same thing, so having the Hand Sanitiser in the handy 100ml size in my hand bag and nappy bag, is a must! As I am also a teacher, this stuff can be used like it’s going out of fashion, especially when the Winter bugs really hit and spread like wild fire. It’s a must on every teacher’s desk!  Anyone in the medical field will also attest to using commercial hand sanitisers that cause them some grief too, so it’s great to have at the nurses station or in your work locker. I have a 250ml bottle sitting beside the baby’s change table, and also on the kitchen bench, a 100ml in the car centre console (handy after filling up the fuel tank) and there is also some in the camping kit!

So, what makes Tri Nature’s Hand Sanitiser so much better than others on the market? Well:

  • Only premium quality Australian, sugar cane based ethanol
  • Two high quality, plant based, cosmetic moisturisers are used
  • Fortified with natural Vitamin E
  • Elegantly fragranced with 100% essential oil of Peppermint

It’s suitable for all skin types and for the whole family (I don’t hesitate in using it on my toddler especially).

It can be used by/in:

  • Health and Medical services
  • Emergency Services
  • Food handling and preparation
  • Manufacturing
  • Retailers handling product and money
  • Gaming and Hospitality Industry
  • Tradespeople

I also have a Petting Zoo use the Hand Sanitiser as part of their service when children and adults leave the pen – nice and gentle for everyone to use!

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