EXCEL Bathroom Cleaner


This is an excellent bleach, Toilet Duck and Domestos replacement. I use it to clean my toilet bowl.

It’s also idea for use on bathroom surfaces such as tiles, sinks, taps and toilets – not suitable for any stone or porous surfaces.

Some prefer to use the Excel to clean their shower, and you can get a spray head to fit it which makes it easier to apply, however the spray heads aren’t intended for this use so they can get clogged up – nothing a rinse with warm water won’t fix. There are some before and after photos below of the Excel in the shower.

To use in the toilet, click open the lid, turn the bottle upside down and squirt around under the rim. I usually leave it whilst I go and clean the rest of the bathroom. I then come back, scrub down with the brush, flush and then clean the rest of the toilet with the Sphagnum Moss.

It is septic safe and grey water, but not recommended to use on worm farms (if you have any).

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500ml, 5L with 30ml Pump, 5L, 20L with 30ml Pump, 20L


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