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Did you know that most supermarket Pre Wash Sprays (like Preen) contain 80% kerosene?!!!! I was blown away when I heard this recently, and am so pleased that I have made the switch to a natural alternative that doesn’t need harsh petrochemicals in order to do the job you expect it to!

Enhance Pre-Wash Spray contains highly active, natural ingredients that absorb into stains to begin breaking them down before the wash even begins.

This is your Preen Stain Remover Spray replacement and a very popular product.  Brian McLean, the Chemist who created the Tr Nature range, is particularly proud of this one. If you have ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the man uses Windex on everything, well, Brian is a bit like that with his Enhance!!

The 500ml bottle is a pre-mixed, ready to use version and is a more expensive way to purchase the product, but handy if you just want to try it out and see what you think.  The most economical way to buy is to purchase the concentrates in 1L or 5L and dilute them yourself.

The Enhance concentrate works out to around $4.20 per 500ml bottle compared with nearly $7 per 500ml for the supermarket equivalent.  You need to use about 150ml of concentrate to 350ml of water.

The Express range bottle (500ml size) is very pretty but it is not designed for re-use.  The grade of plastic is not strong enough for the concentrates and will break down and leak after a few goes.

For best results, I highly recommend rubbing the stain once you’ve sprayed with the Pre Wash Spray to activate the product.

When I used cloth nappies and a #2 had been done, I sprayed with the Enhance before popping it into the nappy bucket. I found that the marks come off every time by doing it this way.

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500ml, 1L, 5L with 30ml Pump, 5L


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