CITRUS Dishwashing Powder


You can eat this stuff!!!! Well, I wouldn’t recommend it because it wouldn’t taste very nice, but you can rest in the knowledge that if a young child or animal was to eat any of the Tri Nature products, they’d be unharmed. Many children go to hospital each year with catastrophic injuries because they’ve consumed household cleaning products – some situations can even be fatal. Dishwashing powder is often in easy to reach spots for little hands and four legged friends, not to mention being able to get to the powder dispenser in your dishwasher if your back is turned for even a split second.

Because the dishwashing powder doesn’t contain any caustic soda, it’s gentle on even your most delicate crockery. If you have coloured plates or precious designs, the powder won’t fade them. If you have fine bone china, rest assured that it will be well looked after with the powder.

If you have stubborn, baked-on food from your evening meals or baking, pop 1/4 of a scoop onto the dish and dissolve with hot water. Let it soak for an hour or so, then easily wash it off. No scrubbing and hard work required! Also good to soak your oven racks in it to clean off the baked-on drops.

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