CHAMOMILE Dishwashing Liquid


WINNER Australian Business Awards 2016 – Product Excellence

Do your hands get dry and cracked from dishwashing liquid? If so, you might like to give the Tri Nature Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid a go. Enriched with soothing Chamomile and healing Marshmallow.

Marshmallow is a commonly found weed in Western Victoria – sorry guys, not the lolly version! Many farmers have told our consultants that they use it during their work day to apply to cuts and abrasions. They squeeze the sap from the stalk and apply to assist with repairing broken skin. This ingredient has the same affect on dishwashing hands so it’s ideal for anyone with cracked, dry skin on their hands.  No soap or SLS means it doesn’t strip the hands of their natural oils so there’s no need to wear gloves – bonus!

Some trivia for you – many years ago, there was an oil spill near Phillip Island, off the coast of Victoria. Tri Nature donated Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid to wash the little penguins as it removed the grease without removing the natural oils from their coats (which they need to survive in the water)! That’s how gentle on your hands it is, but it’s mighty powerful in cleaning your dishes.

If you are into camping, this is such a versatile product as you can wash your dishes in it, clean your clothes and wash yourself with it! Before Tri Nature came out with the body and kids products, consultants and customers would use it in the bath to wash their children with it – another example of just how gentle this product is, but tough when it needs to be!

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