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The Alpha Plus Laundry Powder has won the Australian Business Awards Best Eco Product twice – 2011 and 2014.

Most supermarket products contain fillers, or bulkers, to make it look like there is more product than there actually is! In standard powders, 40% is active ingredient and the remaining 60% is just ‘stuff’ that could be anything – ground eggshells for example – likening it to the chip packet situation!!! Apart from leaving the visible residue (powder streaks), fillers get stuck in the fabric of clothes and can irritate the skin as well as wearing fabrics and building up in (and wrecking) your machine. Even better it is both grey water and sceptic safe.

Suitable for use in both top and front loader machines, you only need a very small amount to do an amazing job. Our standard scoop size for all powders is 25gm, about a tablespoon, and in a top loader you only need 1 scoop and in a front loader 1/2 a scoop – of course you can adjust the amount to suit the size of the load or how soiled the garments are. These recommendations are half that recommended on the packet. I find that a 2kg powder lasted us about 4 months in the top loader, doing an average of 10 washes per week. In our front loader, this now lasts me 6.5 months.

At full retail and the halved usage amounts, cost works out to around $0.41 per load in a top loader (1 scoop) and $0.22 in a front loader (1/2 scoop). High efficiency washers use front loader quantities. (A scoop is included in all sizes and variations)

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