My Story, My Why

I’ve shared the story before about how I came to stumble into this little hobby business of mine but it’s always good to share it again! My eldest son was 6 months old when he started getting eczema, mainly on his legs. We took him to the doctor who prescribed a mild steroid cream for it. It was slowly working but hadn’t gone away completely. I didn’t know any different as that’s what I have used for my eczema over the years. Shortly after, my mum and i took my 6 month old to a baby and toddler show in the city. We’d walked around all day and came across this sign hanging in one of the stores:

I distinctly remember having a ‘can’t be bothered’ feeling when Mum suggested that we go in – I was shopped out (hard to believe that there’s such a thing really, but I assure you there is). We went in and there I met a lovely Tri Nature consultant called Janita, who was very passionate about the products and clearly knew her stuff. She shared with me things about skin conditions and causes that day that have stayed with me, and I have passed these same things on to others over the five and a half years since. The main things that have stuck with me are:

  • The question, “Do you want to treat the symptoms or fix the cause?” If the answer is that you want to treat the symptoms, products such as the Baby Soothing Lotion or the Soothing Lotion (the adult branded equivalent of the same product) are fantastic. It’s a light lotion that assists the eczema to breath, unlike many other creams on the market that coat the eczema and don’t allow it to breath and heal. Applying after giving the kids a bath in the Baby Bath, infused with lavender and chamomile, makes for a nice bed time routine. Alternatively, if you want to treat the symptoms AND fix the cause, the rest of the points mentioned are key.
  • Washing powders contain fillers and extenders that don’t completely wash out, leaving the potential for irritation on your skin. There’s no rule about what these fillers could be – stories I have been told include cases of crushed up egg shells! These fillers don’t do anything at all, other than make it look like there’s more in the package than there really is (think chips and air!!). The active product in the powder may rinse out, but not all of the bulking product does. If you think about your towels, it sticks in there, then when drying yourself, bits of the filler gets in to the crevices of your skin and irritates, particularly behind your knees and inside your arm at the elbow joint. Same situation occurs on your pillow cases, then as you sweat at night, the fillers rub on your head and can cause irritation.
    Tri Nature Laundry Powder (Original or Ocean Fresh), along with the Pre Soak powder, don’t contain any fillers or extenders, so you can be assured that all of the product washes out and doesn’t leave any residues behind.
  • Product residue remains around the bath after cleaning and contaminates the bath water, potentially causing irritation to young skin – think bleach cleaners and the residue in the water! This really never entered my mind. I certainly considered, when cleaning the shower whilst in there, that spraying bleach based cleaners around when pregnant wasn’t a great idea, but I really didn’t think about the residues from cleaning products remaining on the bath and then contaminating the bath water. Cleaning with non-toxic products means that you can have peace of mind that if any product residue remains, your precious little ones won’t be hurt by it. I love cleaning the bathroom with the Supre Multipurpose Cleaner – Eucalyptus, followed by the Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant.

Passing on this knowledge to others became my ‘why’ for retailing the range of products. I love hearing stories from customers about their positive experiences in changing to Tri Nature, especially the ones that involve helping out someone with a skin condition. 

One thing to mention is that if skin irritations are caused by foods consumed, obviously these measure won’t make the problem go away. They can definitely help to treat the symptoms though. 

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