How to get your kids to sleep through the night

Our household over the past few months has been all over the place. My husband had a major back operation and we were also waiting to see a specialist to confirm that my youngest has coeliac disease. In amongst that, everyone’s sleep patterns were all over the place, especially Mr 2 with the possible coeliac. My husband, post surgery, hasn’t been able to help over night so I have been utterly exhausted with midnight wake ups and trying to settle kids! The cycle wasn’t healthy and I was starting to get desperate.

Tri Nature have a range of 100% pure essential oils, and mood blends. Before coming across Tri Nature, I wasn’t big on oils. I had used some in the past but found that they gave me headaches – I now know that that’s probably because they weren’t pure. So it has taken me some time to get on the oils bandwagon, but I am now, and after I tell you why, I bet that you will be too!!!

A friend gave me a tip to try, and I swear it has worked a treat!! I use the Tri Nature Sweet Dreams oil blend, place a few drops (2-3) on a tissue, fold the tissue up and place under the kids pillows. Every night that I have done this, on a fresh tissue, they have slept ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! I call it a miracle because that’s what it has felt like!!

Now, I can’t make any guarantees that it will work for everyone, but I certainly think that it’s worth a try! If you are someone who has trouble sleeping, I suggest that you try this trick for yourself too. You’ve got nothing to lose, especially if you’re in a pattern of losing sleep already!!


If you already use Essential Oils, take a look through the Tri Nature range. Our prices are competitive and the quality is top notch! We have a special this month that is a great place to start – click here to check it out.

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