Household Starter Pack


This pack is one of the most popular sellers and we all love it when it pops up in the monthly specials! It includes the most popular products from across the Tri Nature range and it’s a wonderful place to start for those who are interested in trying them out. Here is a run-down on each of the products and their uses:

Pack Includes:

1 x Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid with pump 500mL

1 x Express Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant 500mL

1 x Express Supre Eucalyptus Multi Purpose Cleaner 500mL

1 x Alpha Plus Laundry Powder 1kg soft pack

1 x Express Enhance Pre Wash Spray 500mL

1 x Moisturising Hand Wash White Tea & Ginger 500mL

Chamomile Dishwashing Liquid – this product is one of the original 11 products that Tri Nature started with. It’s tough on grease and oil but really gentle on your hands. It can be used as a hand wash in the kitchen because it is so gentle. Pop have a pump into a 500ml Polyspray Bottle and fill with water and use as a multipurpose spray or window cleaner. One pump into your mop bucket will also clean your floors. It’s a great one to take away with you as it can also be used as a body wash and bubble bath! If your family is in to camping, this is a must have product in the camping trip, as like with all of the Tri Nature range, it is absolutely safe for the environment as well as yourself!

Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant – I still remember the first time I used the Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant – it took me back to my childhood of buying 50c bags of lollies and eating musk sticks! This product smells so good, and just like musk sticks, although I doubt very much that it would actually taste anything like them! Sphagnum Moss is enriched with herbal germicides and is extremely versatile. It re-odourises all treated areas, leaving a lovely fragrance of fresh spearmint and musk. It’s designed to clean surfaces quickly and completely, ensuring no contaminants are left upon which bacteria can regenerate.

It’s a Glen 20 and Pine O Clean replacement, so it’s fantastic to use in the toilet to clean and to also freshen the air. I clean my toilet seat and surrounds with it. It can also be used like febreeze to get smells out of shoes or mattresses, and when toilet training it’s excellent to spray on the carpet or couch (spot test an inconspicuous area first). I also use this to clean out the nappy bucket and nappy bin.

It kills mould and inhibits growth so it’s great to spray in the shower – I use this, along with the Supre, to clean my shower, and I always have a bottle made up in the shower to spray each day after showering to stretch out the time a bit more between full cleans.

Supre Eucalyptus Multi Purpose Cleaner – The Supre (pronounced soo-pray) is a hard working multipurpose spray. It has many uses from the kitchen bench tops and stove tops to cleaning the bathroom. It is a spray and wipe replacement.

Supre is ideal for anyone with fragrance intolerances and sensitivities because the smells are made from plants and essential oils. It comes in Eucalyptus, or Grapefruit and Palmarosa – I tend to find that those who don’t like Eucalyptus prefer the Grapefruit and vice versa.

*The Eucalyptus fragrance is included in the pack.

Alpha Plus Laundry Powder – The first product in the Laundry pack is the Alpha Plus Laundry Powder. This product has won the Australian Business Awards Best Eco Product twice – 2011 and 2014.

Most supermarket products contain fillers, or bulkers, to make it look like there is more product than there actually is! In standard powders, 40% is active ingredient and the remaining 60% is just ‘stuff’ that could be anything – ground eggshells for example – likening it to the chip packet situation!!! Apart from leaving the visible residue (powder streaks), fillers get stuck in the fabric of clothes and can irritate the skin as well as wearing fabrics and building up in (and wrecking) your machine. Even better it is both grey water and sceptic safe.

Suitable for use in both top and front loader machines, you only need a very small amount to do an amazing job. Our standard scoop size for all powders is 25gm, about a tablespoon, and in a top loader you only need 1 scoop and in a front loader 1/2 a scoop – of course you can adjust the amount to suit the size of the load or how soiled the garments are. These recommendations are half that recommended on the packet. I find that a 2kg powder lasted us about 4 months in the top loader, doing an average of 10 washes per week. In our front loader, this now lasts me 6.5 months.

At full retail and the halved usage amounts, cost works out to around $0.41 per load in a top loader (1 scoop) and $0.22 in a front loader (1/2 scoop). High efficiency washers use front loader quantities. (A scoop is included in all sizes and variations)

The Laundry Powder comes in two scents;

⁃Original: once your washing is dry, there isn’t much of a scent remaining on the clothes, making it a great choice for those who are sensitive to smells.

⁃Ocean Fresh: this leaves a very light fragrance on your clothes once washed and dry.

*The Original fragrance is included in the pack.

Enhance Pre Wash Spray – Did you know that most supermarket Pre Wash Sprays (like Preen) contain 80% kerosene?!!!! I was blown away when I heard this recently, and am so pleased that I have made the switch to a natural alternative that doesn’t need harsh petrochemicals in order to do the job you expect it to!

Enhance Pre-Wash Spray contains highly active, natural ingredients that absorb into stains to begin breaking them down before the wash even begins.

This is your Preen Stain Remover Spray replacement and a very popular product.  Brian McLean, the Chemist who created the Tr Nature range, is particularly proud of this one. If you have ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the man uses Windex on everything, well, Brian is a bit like that with his Enhance!!

For best results, I highly recommend rubbing the stain once you’ve sprayed with the Pre Wash Spray to activate the product.

When I use cloth nappies and a #2 has been done, I spray with the Enhance before popping it into the nappy bucket. I find that the marks come off every time by doing it this way.

Below is an example of the Enhance at work on a stain that I tried to remove with supermarket brands prior to Tri Nature, but the stain wouldn’t budge (and it’s been so long I can’t even remember what it is!). I was just about to throw it out but thought that I’d put the Enhance to the test! I

sprayed it, rubbed it to activate the product, then let it sit for 10 minutes or so. I soaked in the Pre Wash Soak, and continued to rub the mark a few times over the course of 24 hours. I washed it in the washing machine with the Laundry Powder and look at the after results – GONE!!!

How about this sock! Just a liberal spray of Enhance did the trick!

Moisturising Hand Wash – the Tri Nature Moisturising Hand Wash is free from soap, SLS and artificial fragrance, making them so gentle on your hands but mighty tough on dirt and grease. I read someone comment recently that they no longer need to use moisturiser after using the Hand Wash because they are moisturising within themselves.

The Hand Wash is excellent for removing dirt, grease and grime, and it’s suitable for the home, office, or industrial workplace.  This hand wash is actually purchased by the mines for employees to wash off mining dirt and dust.  People have commented how their partners have used it many times to remove grease and paint. It is much more effective that you would expect for something so gentle.

Many people have switched to this hand wash and cleared up all kinds of dermatitis and skin irritations on their hands.  It is especially popular with nurses, childcare workers and kitchen staff, or any other job that requires frequent hand washing.

Enhanced with skin conditioning emollients and Vitamin E, Regard Moisturising Hand Wash leaves the skin feeling conditioned and soft. You have a choice of 2 different smells: White Tea & Ginger or Cucumber and Blueberry.

The pH balanced formula is loaded with coconut oil, is suitable for use on all skin types and is great for workplaces where frequent hand washing is required.  With a pH of about 7.5, the moisturising handwash is far more gentle than soap.  It also makes a great body wash, especially for men who may not like the more feminine smells of the body wash range.

Put it on neat at the start of the day to act as a barrier, especially useful for gardening, farm work, working on cars/engines, fishing, etc.

*The White Tea & Ginger is included in the pack.

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