Essential Oils and Teething



Teething – all parents know the pain and agony that comes with children teething. Recently I had both boys, my 3 year old and 1 year old, teething at the same time! It wasn’t a fun household, that’s for sure!! In a moment of total desperation I started googling what I could do to relieve it. I was then prompted to look into essential oil recipes. The most common recipe I found was lavender and roman chamomile in a carrier oil or lotion…and guess what, Tri Nature already has one made up and ready to go – the Soothing Lotion! This wonderful product is infused with 100% pure essential oils of chamomile and lavender. Just pop a little bit onto the child’s jaw line (let’s be really clear, I mean on the skin, not the inside of the mouth!) and massage it in gently. Not only can this help to relieve the pain around the jaw, but could also help to gain a general sense of calm, as well as aide at sleep times. Anything to help sleep times is a bonus in my book!!! I can definitely attest to it working to help me sleep! When Charlie was younger and waking every few hours (ok, so that was only recently…thank goodness he seems to be getting the memo that continuous sleep is good for everyone), I’d smother my face in it and head back to bed and fall asleep fairly quickly. I noticed a difference to when I did this and when I didn’t.

The Soothing Lotion is excellent for dry skin. It is light and is easily absorbed into the skin which then allows it to breath easily. It’s available in an adult labelled bottle or children’s labelled bottle!

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