A colleague and beautiful friend of mine, Kirsty from Be Inspired Naturally, is also a mother of two gorgeous boys and is genuinely concerned about the products people use around the home. She was concerned with the number of people recommending supermarket products on Facebook in response to posts in groups asking people what they used in the laundry, so she wrote this post and has given me permission to share it with you all – I couldn’t have said it better myself!


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So you have just walked into the laundry aisle at the supermarket, now which detergent do you choose? Liquid or powder? A concentrated formula or not? Top loader or front? What if I told you to stop wasting your time and ditch the supermarket brands for good? Yep, that’s right. Here are my top 5 reasons to stop using supermarket laundry detergents:


1) They have damaging effects on our environment. Most supermarket brands contain phosphates and when they claim to be ‘phosphate free’ they contain zeolites. When phosphates and zeolites enter our waterways, they can cause foaming, mutated aquatic life and eutrophication which can lead to algae blooms. Zeolites are considered worse because, unlike phosphates, they cannot be removed from the water. Unfortunately even commercial brands that claim to be more eco friendly still contain one or the other.

2) They are not family safe! Many brands do not disclose all their ingredients so sometimes it is hard to pin point exactly what makes them poisonous. Some contain artificial fragrances, caustics and bleaches which can be fatal if ingested by anyone, especially small children and pets. Not to mention the fact that we will be inhaling them and, if you use a dryer, you could also be polluting your own home.

3) You only get half, or less, of what you pay for! You know that ripped off feeling when open a packet of chips and half the bag was full of air, well laundry detergents are exactly the same just not so blatantly obvious. Laundry liquids can be diluted with water and laundry powders with fillers and extenders. Fillers and extenders are designed to bulk out the active ingredients so they can be made and therefore sold cheaper. Some fillers are made up of salt and even crushed egg shells. Those little white marks you have seen on your clothes from the powder – are in fact the fillers and extenders because they don’t dissolve. They build up in your machine and stay in your clothes. The muck that makes it out into our waterways never breaks down.

4) They are not good for our skin. Especially for those who are sensitive or have irritations already. Due to a combination of toxic ingredients and being filled with the fillers, your clothes, towels and bed linen are filled with toxic residue. This can cause flare ups of eczema and irritate sensitive skin, even when you choose the sensitive detergents, they still contain these nasty ingredients, just less of them.

5) It’s expensive! Not only are you paying for a product that has all the above issues but it’s costing your hip pocket at the register every week. Not only is it expensive to buy, but they are harsh on you machines and fabrics and will shorten the lives of both. When you factor in your personal health, the safety of your family and the impact of our environment, the cost becomes higher.



So what should you choose instead? I personally use Tri Nature in all areas of my home because you can’t beat a laundry powder that has won best Eco Friendly Product Award twice at the Australian Business Awards. Tri Nature laundry detergents are made from 100% natural ingredients that are free of phosphates, zeolites, fillers and extenders. They completely dissolve and rinse free meaning no residues left in your machine or clothes. Being plant based they are eco friendly , grey water and septic safe as well as being child safe if they were to be ingested or inhaled. As for cost – a 2kg bag will last my family of 4 over four months, not to mention the peace of mind I have knowing I have a safe product in my home that is environmentally friendly. What about performance you ask? Did I mention the Laundry powder won best Eco product on the market at the Australian Business awards twice……

An example of fillers and extenders from a supermarket laundry powder that has been in the jar for 2 weeks and still not dissolved.

An example of fillers and extenders from a supermarket laundry powder that has been in the jar for 2 weeks and still not dissolved.

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